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Many people go to Internet hoping to find that secret to become an Internet Millionaire. Is it possible to generate cashflow from online models? The answer from me is definitely a big YES!! I started my first self learning on making money online using one of the Google properties called Adsense. Here is the screenshot to show some of the cashflow I generated.

My AdSense Earnings 2007

Personal AdSense Earnings in 2007


Unfortunately, you do need a little bit of commitment and burning desires to scale the system to reach million dollars worth of passive incomes. Perhaps at least 2 to 4 hours every weekends and totally focus on the tasks. It was difficult for me!! I was a bit kind of lazy dude and love my computer games. The purpose I am sharing this post is just to let you know that it is possible to make money online with various systems. The personal earning screenshot I shown above was what I earned in year 2007. I stopped the system after that because I was too lazy to continue spending my time on it. It has been many years since then so I doubt the system still works. Never the less, I will continue to share in this Make Money Online site the various Online Making Money systems that I tested. Hopefully there will be someone that can work harder than me and able to scale the system to achieve bigger earnings than the one I shown above.

This year, I will try to go back to Internet Marketing and try new techniques of Making Money Online. How much Internet has evolved in just less than a decade. No more people talking about PPC traffics. The Internet Marketing worlds are buzzing with the new term Web 2.0, social viral traffics, content curations and many new systems in this business in the past few years I was absent! Remember to bookmark this site if you are interested to know all the latest Make Money Online systems.

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